• Executive Director

    Genesis of Richmond, INC
    Job Description

    Overview: Genesis of Richmond, Inc is dedicated to serving victims of domestic violence and sexual assault by providing services both residential and non-residential in Wayne, Union and Fayette counties.

    Position: The Executive Director will be responsible for maintaining all aspects of Genesis operations, program management, administration, human resources, and will strengthen existing partnerships in support of the Genesis mission.   40 hour a week, exempt position with competitive salary plus benefits.   Genesis of Richmond is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

    Program Management

    Responsible for supervising all program planning, organizing, operating, and staffing.

    Responsible for building individual relationships with program staff, which includes hands-on interaction with the day-to-day program staff

     Responsible for the oversight of tracking client program data.

    Support program and provide leadership on staff development. Identify and implement best practices.

    Maintain ongoing opportunities for all staff members to provide feedback on program operations.

     Inform staff members and Board of Directors of program issues, changes, and accomplishments.

    Regularly assess staff, providing support as needed in order to maintain a healthy work environment.

    Operations Management

    Maintain efficiency and effectiveness of all internal operations.

    Manage operations infrastructure to support operations programming.

     Manage information technology, including website, ongoing maintenance and updating of systems, hardware, and software for the office, home, and program.

     Managing legal compliances as needed.

    Maintain relationships with vendors. Oversee services, updates, and repairs as needed with board of directors

    Human Resources

    Manage human resources, including responsibility for hiring/interviewing/separations, payroll, evaluations, employee policies, training, and legal compliance.

    Administer benefits as needed


    Manage program aspects of the annual budget in conjunction with the Board of Directors.

    Responsible for management of tax payments, insurance, and worker’s comp with the accountant

    Responsible for banking, paying bills, and money tracking and handling with the accountant

    Work with the Board Treasurer and accountant on maintaining accurate records of financial activities.

    Responsible for management of all grant applications: state, federal, local.

    Fund Development (in partnership with Board of Directors)

    Manage email communications & constituent database, donor relations

    Responsible for participating in media projects and marketing

     Participate in event committees 

    Management of our donor platform

    Develop corporate/business sponsorships

     Maintain relationships with key funding partners.

    Face of the organization: speaking engagements


    Meet with Board of Directors monthly to communicate staff support needs and guidance to the Board of Directors and serve as staff liaison to relevant subcommittees of the Board.

    Provide program related input to the Board of Directors in strategic planning.

    Strengthen relationships with other organizations to improve service delivery to clients.

    Serve on community committees


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