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    Job Description

    The Big Picture:

    The Assembler is responsible for completing the assembly process for various types of blowers from reading the blueprint to mounting the blowers. Collective Bargaining Agreement language applies to this position

    What needs to be done?

    ·         Review all manufacturing paperwork in packets or at work-site for assembly directions. Obtains parts to assemble per order requirements and reports shortages

    ·         Assembles and mounts all types of blowers (new and customer equipment). Performs duties including drilling and pinning of shafts and impellers. Performs other miscellaneous duties related to the assembly and packaging of units.

    ·         Cuts, fits, assembles and prepares for welding piping/tubing used in lube and seal systems, etc. as required.

    ·         Installs, identifies and connects electrical package wiring for units. Uses electronic and manual equipment to align units, layout and drill baseplates.

    ·         Completes written records, such as check sheets, clearances, pressure tests, spin charts, etc. as required.

    ·         Operates cranes equipped with cab, pendant, or radio control. Determines proper rigging for crane lifts and/or assists where required by load or shape.

    ·         Operates gas and battery-powered equipment or handcraft to transport or position materials, parts, supplies, units etc. Adds and maintains fluids (oils, coolants, electrolytes or fuel) and charges batteries to maintain equipment usability.

    ·         Reports labor transactions and material counts manually and/or electronically.

    ·         Performs incidental duties pertaining to the classification as required.

    ·         Maintains a clean and orderly work area by performing duties such as returning tooling, parts and equipment to proper storage, disposing of trash and broom sweeping work areas.

    ·         Observes plant rules and safe working practices.

    ·         Must be willing to attend training classes, both in Connersville or other cities, deemed necessary to achieve and maintain proficiency in the classification.

    ·         Ensure the proper alignment of pieces by reviewing blueprints to ensure accurate assembly.

    ·         Must use precision measuring equipment to ensure all parts are within tolerances.

    What do you need to bring?    

    ·        High School Diploma or equivalent

    ·        Ability to multi-task and prioritize effectively

    ·        Open to any shift, holidays, weekends, and overtime

    ·        Ability to lift up to 50 lbs

    ·        Moderate computer literacy

    What will you get in return?

    We offer great opportunities for personal and professional development in an international company. The role comes with a competitive salary package and various benefits. Furthermore you will be a part of dedicated group of colleagues who value teamwork and collaboration.


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