• Part-Time AI Courier

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    Part-Time AI Courier
    This is a perfect part-time job for people who like to drive.  This job entails making deliveries of semen doses to pork producers within a 250-300 mile radius. Deliveries are driven by the courier in a company-provided vehicle to various customers and/or diagnostic laboratories. Upon arrival at a customer’s delivery site, product hand-carried into various types of buildings and placed in a storage unit. Couriers must have a clean driving record, flexible schedule, and be comfortable driving at night and in winter road conditions. They must also be comfortable driving long distances between stops. Throughout each step of the process, proper biosecurity measures must be followed.

    Objectives and purpose: the delivery of fresh AI semen doses to customers while maintaining product quality, temperature control, and proper biosecurity at every step of the process.

    Skills and abilities required:
    • Clean driving record and demonstrates good driving habits
    • Good work ethic, punctual and dependable
    • Can-do attitude and problem-solving abilities
    • Able to handle vehicle breakdowns and navigational difficulties during a route
    • Follow proper safety and vehicle maintenance procedures
    • Flexible schedule that allows for variable start times
    • Comfortable driving at night and in winter road conditions
    • Can put on/take off shoe covers and latex gloves at every stop following a specific protocol
    • Can hand-carry bagged product from vehicle over a variety of surfaces, including rough surfaces and steps, in all weather conditions

    Key Responsibilities:
    • Load AI semen doses and/or lab samples into YETI coolers located in the vehicle while following a specific biosecurity protocol
    • Follow specific biosecurity protocols consistently while driving, entering/exiting the vehicle, and while carrying product into customer delivery sites
    • Locate correct customer delivery sites, follow specific delivery protocols for each site, and ensure correct product is delivered to the correct customer
    • Spend several hours driving between each delivery site, and perform routes as much as 11 total hours driving with up to 14 hours on-duty
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