• Oncology to Open at Reid Health Connersville

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    October 28, 2020

    Reid Health cardiology, oncology services to relocate in Connersville

    Reid Health's oncology and cardiology services in Connersville are relocating soon to the Reid Health - Connersville main campus at 1941 Virginia Ave.

    Richmond Cardiology Associates' outreach in Connersville is moving from its State Road 44 location to the Reid Health - Connersville campus as of Nov. 2. Services now provided at 1475 East State Road 44 will be housed at 1941 Virginia Avenue in a space near the Atrium. The offices will also have new phone and fax numbers: (765) 827-7840, phone, (765) 827-7841, fax.

    Reid Oncology Associates - Connersville will also move to 1941 Virginia Avenue a week later, as of Nov. 9. Numbers for oncology in Connersville will be (765) 827-8000 and (765) 827-7850 for fax.

    Tyler Evans, MSN, RN, Cardiovascular Service Line Director for Reid Health, said the change provides opportunities for expanding access and increasing the number of physicians in the future. "We believe this consolidation of related services into one location makes the services more accessible and convenient for our Connersville area patients." The move also consolidates into one location outpatient and cardiopulmonary rehab services, he noted.

    Amy Slonaker, MSN, RN, Director of RHPA Clinical Excellence/Oncology Services/Infectious Disease, said the Nov. 9 move of oncology services from Highway 44 to Reid Health - Connersville provides larger oncology space with opportunities to expand services and "enhances our ability to deliver quality care to our patients."

    The two service lines will both benefit from ancillary services at the location such as lab, radiology and the Emergency Department.

    Cardiology services have been available through Reid Health in Connersville for nearly 15 years. Oncology services were resumed in June of this year, Slonaker said, "in response to the greater need as well as our commitment to the Connersville community."

    Larry Price, Community Relations
    Larry.Price@reidhealth.org, (765) 983-3442
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