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  • Food Pantries & Other Providers in Fayette County: complete list.

  • Schools:

    Fayette County School Corporation: 

    Little Spartan's Pre School

    Elementary schools include (public): Grandview, Eastview, Frazee, Everton, Fayette Central 

    Saint Gabriel and Community Christian (private) 

    Middle School - Connersville Middle School (public) Community Christian (private) 

    High School - Connersville Senior High School, Whitewater Technical Career Center (public), Community Christian (private) 

    For more information on the Fayette County School Corporation visit https://inview.doe.in.gov/corporations/1023950000 

    The Fayette County School Corporation offers a wide array of activities for students of all interests including sports, the arts, agriculture, science and anything in between. 

    Parks and Recreation: In addition to the above mentioned parks, Connersville Parks and Recreation offer a wide variety of youth and adult level sports including soccer, basketball, baseball, softball and much more. Visit https://www.connersvillecommunity.com/connersville/city-departments/parks-recreation/ to find out more! 

    Historic Connersville: The Connersville/Fayette County history museum is located at 200 W 5th Street in Connersville, steps away from the Whitewater Valley Railroad's Grand Central Depot. Exhibits include some of the finest motor cars produced at the early part of the 20th Century from makes such as McFarlan, Auburn, and Cord as well as artifacts about Fayette County's pioneer past. Visitors can experience a walk through time from the early 1800s through today. Historic Connersville is open Saturday and Sunday from 10 AM - 3 PM and by appointment.  Visit https://historicconnersville.org/ for more information. 

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